Logan Kohler’s ascent in Mississippi State baseball, from learning under Bobby Witt Jr. to his emergence as a power hitter, has been noteworthy.

Logan Kohler openly expressed his emotions as he rounded first base while the ball soared over the right-center field fence. A third baseman recruited by Mississippi State for defensive stability at his position and a left-handed power hitter in the lineup, Kohler’s first home run of the season on April 28 at Vanderbilt’s Hawkins Field was a moment of pure joy. The ball traveled 412 feet off his bat, prompting Kohler to raise both arms, look skyward, and wear a wide smile as he sprinted towards home plate where his teammates eagerly awaited him.

Reflecting on his journey, Kohler acknowledged the challenges he faced during a difficult season with the team, marked by injuries and struggles at the plate. Despite these setbacks, he maintained a resilient attitude, believing in the value of hard work and perseverance. Coach Chris Lemonis commended Kohler for his dedication and effort behind the scenes, qualities instilled in him by the competitive environment he grew up in, according to his father, Tom Kohler.