Parramatta’s halfback says he “would have loved” to have been there when his daughter was welcomed into the world but has made peace with his decision.

The Eels half said his partner Bri was not best pleased about the timing but understood his predicament.

“She was a bit filthy at the start… but she understood. She’s supported me through everything,” Moses said about his partner.

“She’s seen how much work I put in this year to be in the position that we’re in.

“I have a family now – all this is for them.”

Parramatta coach praises Mitch Moses’ sacrifice

Eels coach Brad Arthur – who had been under pressure to get his side to the decider – made special mention of Moses’ sacrifice after the game.

“It’s good, I’m really happy for the boys – we made a lot of sacrifices along the way,“ Arthur said in the post-match press conference.

“Mitchell Moses made a massive sacrifice for his teammates today and over the last couple of days. He didn’t get to see the birth of his daughter – that’s huge.

“It was never really a process or a thought for him – we got on the plane yesterday, Bri was close the other day and I spoke to him today and I said ‘we will send you home’.

“I don’t want to be rude, because the birth of his new daughter is so important to him and his family, but the other part of his family is his mates.

“At least we made sure it was worth it.”