Just after their NBA Championship victory, Jayson Tatum made a powerful statement by repeatedly declaring “We did it, we did it,”

Jayson Tatum was overwhelmed, repeatedly exclaiming, “We did it, we did it,” immediately after clinching the NBA Championship with a historic performance in Game 5, securing the Celtics’ 18th title.

Sixteen years after their last NBA title, the Boston Celtics have reclaimed the championship trophy, reaffirming their status as the most successful franchise in league history.

“We’ve responded throughout the entire year, and this is no exception. Our fans were incredible, and it’s been a long journey,” Jayson Tatum remarked after the game that sealed the Celtics’ title victory. “We have a resilient group that has endured a lot together over the past seven years. What are they going to say now?”

Boston clinched their league-leading 18th championship on Monday night in Game 5, bouncing back at home after a dismal performance in Game 4 against the Dallas Mavericks, who handed them one of the most lopsided defeats in Finals history.

The Celtics dominated the regular season, boasting the best record in the NBA, largely due to Jayson Tatum’s stellar performance. His consistency carried over into the playoffs, culminating in his first NBA championship win, a moment that left him astounded.

This victory marks the first time in seven years that the team with the best regular-season record has claimed the title, and it’s the sixth different team in the last seven years to hoist the trophy.

Jayson Tatum has solidified his place in Boston sports history. Despite falling short last season, he has become a cornerstone for Boston fans, whose loyalty has now been rewarded with a championship—an achievement that Tatum himself is still trying to fully comprehend.

“We did it! We did it!” he exclaimed repeatedly after winning Game 5, marking a historic moment as Tatum became the first Celtic ever to achieve 30+ points and 10+ assists in an NBA Finals game. He also expressed his joy for Al Horford, a seasoned NBA veteran who has tirelessly pursued a championship and finally achieved it with Tatum and the team. “He doesn’t have much time left, and he’s my favorite teammate of all time.”

Another crucial teammate, Jaylen Brown, a clutch player like Tatum, joined forces with him to make history. Together, they hold the record for the most games played before winning a championship, totaling 107 games—a statistic they likely wanted to change, and now they both hold the coveted trophy. Brown was also honored as the Finals MVP for his outstanding contributions throughout the series.