Oklahoma outfielder Hannah Coor to Undergo Second Back Surgery.

Oklahoma outfielder Hannah Coor announced on Monday via Instagram that she is undergoing a second back surgery.

“This season was one of the most fun and exciting yet, but also extremely tough,” Coor shared. “The fight and strength displayed this season will always be the biggest win for me and something I will remember for the rest of my life.

“Pain is no one’s friend, and I am so ready to get rid of mine! I’m currently at the hospital waiting for my second back surgery. I could use all the healing thoughts and prayers sent my way. My hard is now, and I’m beginning to understand and appreciate all my challenges in life.

“God is a mighty God who will continue giving me strength through all of this. His plan! A win is coming … a win is freaking coming for me; I just know it! Oh … and I’m not done yet!”

Coor, a third-year sophomore from Yorba Linda, CA, played in 63 games this season, starting twice. She had a .211 batting average with one home run, two doubles, and eight RBIs.

OU head coach Patty Gasso mentioned last fall after the Sooners’ Battle Series that Coor was dealing with “chronic” back issues and was “just trying to manage the pain” to return for the 2024 season.

“I think it’s just pain and frustration,” Gasso said. “She had the surgery, and we’re trying to get it to a point where she can sleep at night or go through a practice without enormous pain. It’s a daily struggle, and it’s really tough. You can see it.

“But she’s got her heat pack on in the dugout. She’s trying to do everything she can to stay in the game. And you can see — I can see her just really struggling at times. So I commend her for that and really just finishing strong with it.”

Coor played in just four games in 2023 after appearing in 40 games primarily as a pinch runner during her freshman season.