Michigan head coach Sherrone Moore becomes a hype man for J.J. McCarthy following the Vikings QB’s photoshoot in his new uniform.

J.J. McCarthy has passionate supporters in college football. Michigan Wolverines head coach Sherrone Moore has been a significant source of encouragement, not only pushing McCarthy to excel but also enhancing his draft stock with high praise. Former head coach Jim Harbaugh even called McCarthy the “greatest quarterback” in the program’s history.

At an NFL event in March, Moore praised McCarthy’s ability to “make any type of throw” and highlighted his intelligence and versatility on the field. These endorsements, along with a championship win, helped propel McCarthy into the Top 5 quarterbacks in the draft. The Minnesota Vikings eventually traded up to select him with the 10th overall pick.

Even post-draft, Moore remains McCarthy’s biggest supporter. Recently, McCarthy, now a Minnesota Viking wearing jersey No. 9, shared his first official photo with the caption “Skol” (the Vikings’ cheer). Moore quickly reposted the photo on his Instagram story, showing his unwavering support for McCarthy’s NFL journey.

Although Moore is now leading the Wolverines as head coach, his impact was most profound last year as the offensive coordinator, when the Wolverines won a national championship with a perfect 15-0 season. Moore’s consistent support was crucial in McCarthy’s development.

Despite rumors that Sam Darnold will start training camp as the Vikings’ starting quarterback, McCarthy’s championship experience and first-round draft status give him a strong chance. With Moore’s continued support, McCarthy’s NFL debut promises to be thrilling.

Sherrone Moore fondly recalls McCarthy’s motivational words during their championship run. In a recent “Big Noon” podcast, Moore recounted a tense moment during the final game against Alabama. As he sought guidance from his late grandfather, McCarthy reassured him with, “Hey, Pops, we got you.” This boosted Moore’s confidence, leading to the perfect play call that helped Michigan secure a 27-20 victory over Alabama.

The championship journey left a lasting impact on Moore, and his support for McCarthy continues. With coaches like Moore and Harbaugh backing him, McCarthy’s transition from college to the NFL looks promising.