SO SAD: This Is The End Of The Journey Am Done I Won’t Play Again Jack Guentzel  Says As He Depart In The…

Jake Guentzel, you are a Vancouver Canuck! Doesn’t that sound sort of good?


The playoffs showed us that Elias Pettersson could certainly use higher-caliber wingers. A freshly extended Pettersson could attract Guentzel, knowing a premier center in the league isn’t going anywhere.


The Canucks were linked to Guentzel at the trade deadline, so why wouldn’t they test the waters now? They are seeking a top six winger. The tricky part is the rights to signing — the Canucks don’t have a first- or second-round pick in the 2024 draft, so it’s even tougher to give up the third-round pick, if that’s what the Canes would even want.


But with a team that’s likely entered its Cup window, and with $24.078 million in cap space, you at least go for Guentzel if you’re the Canucks.