Reggie Miller reaffirms his belief in Michael Jordan’s status as the greatest basketball player of all time (GOAT) over LeBron James.

Reggie Miller has consistently expressed his deep respect and admiration for Michael Jordan, reiterating his belief in Jordan’s status as the greatest player of all time (GOAT) during a recent appearance on the “Come And Talk 2 Me” podcast. Miller, who faced Jordan numerous times during his NBA career, emphasized his unwavering stance, stating that he would always consider Jordan as the GOAT, regardless of the emergence of LeBron James.

Miller’s declaration came during a conversation where Mark Jackson’s son, Bluu, expressed his preference for LeBron James as the GOAT. Miller, acknowledging the generational gap, understood Bluu’s perspective, recognizing that younger fans relate more to LeBron due to their era.

Miller elaborated on his perspective by reflecting on his experiences playing against both Jordan and LeBron. While acknowledging LeBron’s greatness and development into a phenomenal player, Miller’s personal encounters with Jordan shaped his unwavering opinion.

Having competed against Jordan for 56 games over 15 years, Miller’s preference for MJ is understandable, rooted in the fierce battles and firsthand experiences on the court. Despite limited direct competition with LeBron, Miller’s loyalty to Jordan’s legacy remains unshaken, reflecting the profound impact Jordan had on his peers.

Reggie Miller’s steadfast belief in Michael Jordan’s supremacy in the GOAT debate underscores the lasting impression Jordan left on those who competed against him. While acknowledging LeBron James’ incredible achievements, Miller’s loyalty to Jordan’s legacy reflects the deep respect and admiration he holds for the six-time NBA champion.

Additionally, Miller shared a memorable encounter with a young Kobe Bryant during an episode of “Come And Talk 2 Me.” Reflecting on the incident from 1998 when a 19-year-old Bryant and Miller appeared on MTV’s “Real World,” Miller was impressed by Bryant’s fierce determination and desire to dominate. Despite facing odds that favored the MTV cast, Bryant approached the game with a relentless mindset, showcasing leadership qualities beyond his years.

Miller admitted that he didn’t expect such impressive leadership qualities from someone so young, but Bryant’s performance during the MTV game and his subsequent rise in the NBA proved otherwise. Bryant’s ability to inspire and elevate those around him left a lasting impression on Miller, recognizing the makings of a true champion in the young player.