Ravens Fullback Observes Evolution in Lamar Jackson’s Playing Style.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has consistently been one of the most dynamic dual-threat athletes in NFL history. However, he has made subtle adjustments to his game over the years, not only to enhance his performance on the field but also to ensure his longevity in the league.

During an appearance on the “Green Light” podcast with former NFL defensive end Chris Long, Ravens fullback Patrick Ricard discussed how Jackson has learned to better protect himself from taking big hits.

“In the earlier stages of his career, when he was working with former Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, there was more emphasis on Lamar running the ball,” Ricard explained. “It involved more quarterback-driven runs for Lamar, and he was trying to gain yards and make plays. However, as time has passed, Lamar has become more cautious and doesn’t always run at full speed. He focuses on avoiding hits, sliding, and getting out of bounds to minimize the risk of injury. Even in our video meetings, if he takes a hit, we remind him to protect himself. He’s tough and always gets back up after being hit.”

Jackson’s shift in mindset is reflected in his statistics. Last season, he averaged 5.5 yards per rush and 51.3 yards per game, his lowest since his rookie year. In contrast, during his first full season as a starter in 2019, he averaged 6.9 yards per rush and 80.4 yards per game.

While these numbers suggest a decline in rushing productivity, prioritizing his safety is paramount. This is especially significant considering Jackson’s lighter weight this season. Ricard believes that a lighter frame could benefit the two-time MVP, allowing him to move more fluidly, evade defenders, and remain healthy.

“I think the ideal weight for him is one where he feels comfortable moving, making plays, and staying injury-free,” Ricard remarked. “He’s looking great now, and I’m excited to see how he performs during games when he has to evade defenders.”