The MLB trade deadline is still two months away. However, the teams that could become buyers and sellers are becoming clearer as we’re about a third of the way through the season.

Identifying which teams fall in what category is how trades transpire and the could become a perfect trade partners this summer.

the Guardians as “likely adders” at the deadline. In his assessment of where the Guardians stand, he mentioned that they could look to upgrade their infield and ” there might not be a better fit at the deadline” than current Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette

Like many trades, whether a deal is worth it could come down to Toronto’s asking price in terms of return for Bo. However, if we’re simply analyzing whether or not this potential acquisition helps Cleveland win short term, then a trade for Bichette makes total sense for the Guardians.

Bichette is currently hitting .238/.288/.345 with an OPS of .633 including four home runs and 25 RBI this season. No one is going to deny that Bo is having a down year, but he has built up a respectable big league track record since his call-up in 2019.

Sure, an argument can be made that the Guardians don’t need another shortstop. There’s been discourse for years about Cleveland having too many middle infielders in their system including Angel MartinezBrayan RocchioGabriel Arias, Jose Tena, and now Daniel Schneeman is emerging as potentially a major league-caliber player.