Before Michael Jordan ended his career, 5’3″ Muggsy Bogues was threatened by another NBA legend.

Michael Jordan has delivered numerous career-defining moments to his opponents. The Chicago Bulls legend excels at mind games, often using his basketball skills to outplay rivals, but his trash talk can also be devastating. One notable instance was during the 1995 playoffs when he handed a brutal defeat to a 5’3″ NBA star from the Charlotte Hornets. Despite this cold-blooded encounter, the 5’3″ veteran chose another NBA superstar when asked which player gave him the toughest time on the court.

Muggsy Bogues, one of the NBA’s top small guards, was an exceptional defender known for his remarkable defense against opponents who had a clear physical advantage over him. While only the best players could break through his defense, Michael Jordan was one of them. However, there was another legend who managed to do so as well.