After defeating Texas Tech, running back Aidan Robbins had some words for BYU fans.

Did BYU running back Aidan Robbins just experience his own version of the Kedon Slovis moment?

If you recall, BYU’s quarterback famously likened Provo to “The Truman Show” after playing at LaVell Edwards Stadium as a visiting freshman.

Here’s what Slovis said when he was the USC quarterback:

“They’re all Mormon, right? So they’re not drinking. I think that’s almost more intimidating,” Slovis said. “You’re going in there and usually if there are people who are heckling you, you’re like ‘alright, they’re just drunk.’ But every single person in that stadium is sober heckling you and they’re, like, not cussing. They’re like, ‘Slovis, you stink!’ They were ruthless.”

Robbins echoed a similar sentiment about LaVell Edwards Stadium after getting significant playing time in Provo on Saturday.

“It is crazy. It is truly crazy,” Robbins said. “I’ve played in front of some big stadiums. But I have never played in a stadium like this with these types of fans. Like, there is a difference between having people just fill up seats. But having people fill up the seats and they are making noise. You know what I mean? People that are into the game.”

Then he delivered a line reminiscent of Slovis’:

“Everybody out there is sober too,” Robbins said. “So I loved it. They just are out there yelling.”

Similar to Slovis, Robbins transferred from UNLV last offseason. He spent most of this season sidelined due to injury.

This week, he had 16 carries for 49 yards, marking a significant increase from his previous high of seven carries. He hadn’t played since Week 2.

Perhaps Robbins’ description won’t reach the same level as Slovis’.

But he added his own twist to The Truman Show comparisons after BYU’s 27-14 win over Texas Tech.