Michael Jordan and Serena Williams have made a significant announcement.

Michael Jordan and Serena Williams, widely regarded as the greatest athletes in their respective sports, have forged a natural friendship over the years. It’s not surprising that they’ve now ventured into partnerships together. Serena has officially become a co-owner of Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila brand.

Jordan expressed his excitement about Serena joining the business, emphasizing the special bond they share over Cincoro. The brand, established in 2019 with Jordan, Jeanie Buss, and Derek Jeter, boasts a roster of top-tier athletes, with Serena’s addition enhancing its prestige.

For Serena, being part of Cincoro signifies more than just business—it symbolizes championing a legacy of excellence, mirroring her own pursuit of greatness on the tennis court.

Although Michael Jordan may have retired from the NBA, his competitive spirit remains evident through ventures like Cincoro, where he continues to strive for excellence off the court.