Jay Johnson and Luke Holman Talk About Key SEC Tournament Win Against Kentucky

LSU extended its winning streak on Wednesday, thanks to powerful performances at the plate by Jared Jones and Tommy White. Both sluggers hit grand slams, driving LSU to an 11-0 victory over the Kentucky Wildcats.

Ace pitcher Luke Holman also excelled, pitching six hitless innings. Holman, Jones, and Coach Jay Johnson spoke to the media after the game.

Coach Johnson praised his team’s performance against Kentucky, highlighting Holman’s consistency and skill. Holman credited his ability to mix pitches and maintain focus. Jones, breaking out of a slump, noted advice from Coach Johnson helped him refocus.

Johnson emphasized Holman’s poise and presence, linking it to his past battle with cancer. He also praised Michael Braswell’s lead-off performance, which has energized the offense. The team’s preparation and strategy, including pitching on short rest, were key to their success.

Jones’ grand slam was significant, demonstrating his maturity and controlled approach at the plate. Johnson expressed confidence in his team’s capabilities, especially with Holman and Gage leading the pitching.