As the hitting improves, Van Horn’s primary worry shifts to the pitching mound.

Dave Van Horn quickly pointed to Mason Molina’s mental state when asked about the pitcher’s recent struggles. Van Horn emphasized that it’s up to Molina to address and rectify his mindset. Despite efforts to work on his mechanics and offer support, Molina, a seasoned Division I starter, needs to regain confidence and composure. Sunday’s game against Mississippi State highlighted the frustration for Van Horn, as Molina’s erratic start prompted bullpen action early on. The weekend series revealed issues with walks among the pitching staff, once seen as a strength for the team. Van Horn acknowledged concerns about the pitching rotation, particularly Molina and Brady Tygart’s recent performances. With the regular season wrapping up and postseason play looming, addressing these pitching challenges is crucial for the Razorbacks’ continued success.

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