‘He’s a public enemy!’ – NFL pundit reserves no mercy on Patrick Mahomes, blasting him with a painful claim.

Not everyone is a fan of the quarterback.

In a recent discussion on the NFL, analysts Mike Florio and Myles Simmons delved into the polarizing reputation of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Despite his stellar performance on the field, Mahomes, at 28 years old, is viewed by some as a “public enemy” due to his team’s success.

Simmons noted that while Mahomes and the Chiefs have enjoyed widespread admiration in the past, there’s been a shift in sentiment. Now, there’s a growing segment of fans who express fatigue with the Chiefs’ dominance and are weary of seeing Mahomes continually in the spotlight. This sentiment has led to Mahomes being labeled as a “public enemy” by some.

Mahomes himself acknowledges the changing perception and is willing to embrace the role of the villain if it means continued success for his team. Drawing parallels to the criticism faced by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots during their era of dominance, Mahomes expresses a willingness to maintain a positive attitude despite being cast as a villain by opposing fan bases. As long as the Chiefs keep winning, Mahomes is prepared to handle the backlash and maintain his focus on the game.

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