Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin harbors a grudge against C.J. Stroud.

The Houston Texans have undergone a remarkable transformation from being an overlooked and struggling team at the bottom of the AFC South to now attracting All-Pro talent and garnering attention from star free agents. Their recent success has even earned them an additional preseason game from the NFL due to increased interest in their games. However, with newfound success comes rivalry, and it seems a new one is brewing between Houston and Indiana. Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin hinted at this rivalry during a podcast appearance, singling out rising star C.J. Stroud of the Texans as someone he’s eager to face off against. The intensified competition between these two teams is understandable, given their close matchups in 2023 and the emergence of young talent on both sides. As the Texans bolster their roster with top-notch free agents, they become a prime target for other AFC South teams looking to exploit any weaknesses. It seems everyone is now eyeing the Texans on their schedules for the upcoming season, but only time will tell if Stroud and his teammates are prepared for the challenge.

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