Ohio State AD Accuses Michigan Football of “illegitimate” three straight wins; says there should be an asterisk next to Michigan Wolverines wins against the Buckeyes

In 2021, Ohio State players battled the flu amidst snow flurries. In 2022, it came down to just a few crucial plays. And in 2023, it was about the signs.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Buckeyes refuse to accept three consecutive losses to Michigan football. There’s always an excuse.

Recently, outgoing Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith appeared on a local Columbus radio show and was questioned about whether there should be an asterisk next to Michigan’s three most recent wins against the Buckeyes. In a typical display of denial, Smith answered affirmatively.

During his interview on WOSU’s All Sides with Anna Staver, Staver asked Smith if Ohio State’s three-game losing streak to Michigan “deserves a little bit of an asterisk since for at least two of those years, it appears they were cheating.”

Smith responded with a chuckle, “Of course I do. Yeah, of course I do.” He emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity of the game and maintaining a level playing field.

The controversy stems from Connor Stalions, who allegedly recorded opponent signals during games in which Michigan wasn’t playing, first as an intern and then as an official hire in the 2022 offseason. Stalions resigned shortly before the 2023 matchup between Michigan and Ohio State. Additionally, in 2022, there were allegations that OSU head coach Ryan Day altered the signs before the game, yet Michigan still emerged victorious.

This narrative shifts the focus away from physical dominance in the trenches, a strength Michigan has demonstrated over the past three years. It also diverts attention from Ohio State’s struggles in the rushing game, where they’ve been consistently outperformed. Despite allegations of sign-stealing against Ohio State, the concern seems to arise only when Michigan is accused of similar tactics.

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