Kansas WR Rashee Rice Could be buried completely, as the court directive in the Rice case shifts focus to phone records, firearms, and cars.

In Kansas City, Missouri, a judge overseeing one of two lawsuits involving several individuals, including Rashee Rice, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, has granted a temporary restraining order as requested in the case.

Issued on May 3, the order seeks to prevent Rice, along with SMU wide receiver Theodore Knox, Charles Bush, Jr., and Schlensker Investments, LLC, from tampering with specific evidence related to a crash. This evidence pertains to a six-car collision on a Dallas highway on March 30 that resulted in multiple injuries. Investigators allege that Rice was driving a Lamborghini, which lost control and collided with a Corvette driven by Knox, initiating the pileup.

As per court documents, Rice has agreed not to dispose of any credit cards, debit cards, or receipts for purchases made within six hours of the incident. Furthermore, the restraining order safeguards cell phone records, GPS data, and any blood or urine tests conducted on Rice shortly after the crash.

Additionally, the judge has prohibited Rice, Knox, and Bush, Jr., from altering or discarding any firearms potentially present in either vehicle involved in the collision, as well as the license plates of each car.

A negligence lawsuit, filed by Kamlesh Desai of Dallas County, seeks damages exceeding $1 million. Desai alleges that Rice and Knox were speeding at the time of the crash, resulting in injuries, which he claims may be permanent, causing ongoing physical and mental suffering. The lawsuit aims to cover medical expenses related to the incident, including future bills, as well as lost wages and earning potential.

The next hearing for this lawsuit is slated for June.

Apart from the civil suits, Rice faces criminal charges including aggravated assault, collision involving serious bodily injury, and multiple counts of collision involving injury, stemming from the same incident. Dallas Police assert that their investigation found Rice, aged 23, was speeding on the highway when the crash occurred.

Neither the Chiefs nor the NFL have commented on the potential ramifications of the lawsuits and criminal charges on Rice’s professional career.


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