Kirk Cousins and Michael Vick extend a friendly greeting to Penix Jr. upon his unexpected selection by the Falcons, welcoming him warmly to Atlanta.

Michael Penix Jr., a surprising selection in the first round of the NFL draft, received a congratulatory call from Kirk Cousins on Thursday night, despite some speculation from Cousins’ agent about the Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback situation. Penix described the conversation with Cousins as positive but didn’t disclose its details.

Penix was particularly thrilled to receive a text message from another left-handed Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick, on Friday. During his introductory press conference in Atlanta, Penix expressed his admiration for , citing him as his favorite quarterback and recalling how he emulated him even as a child.

Watching the draft from his home in Florida, Penix was joined by his family, including his parents, who accompanied him on the flight to the Falcons’ practice facility. Despite being chosen by the Falcons, Penix humbly cautioned fans not to expect him to replicate Vick’s speed on the field, emphasizing his own strengths as a passer.

The Falcons’ unexpected decision to draft Penix was largely influenced by his impressive passing abilities, as evidenced by his standout performance in college football, where he led in passing yards and ranked third in touchdown passes during the 2023 season. His remarkable talent with his left arm was a key factor in the Falcons’ decision, despite earlier expectations that they would prioritize adding an edge rusher to their roster.

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