Peyton Manning, a revered figure in Tennessee Vols history, adds weight to a significant rumor preceding the 2024 NFL Draft.

Peyton Manning, the legendary Tennessee Vols quarterback, sparked rumors regarding the 2024 NFL Draft. Manning, known for his illustrious career with the Denver Broncos, shared insights during an appearance on 104.3 The Fan’s Stokley and Josh show, co-hosted by his former teammate Brandon Stokley. Manning mentioned that the Broncos are showing keen interest in drafting Michigan Wolverines quarterback JJ McCarthy.

“Denver is very interested in him,” Manning remarked, adding that it seemed like a favorable destination for McCarthy. However, Manning noted that the final decision is not entirely in McCarthy’s hands.

With the NFL Draft set to begin on Thursday night in Detroit, the Broncos hold the No. 12 overall pick. McCarthy’s draft stock has surged in recent weeks, with ESPN’s latest mock draft projecting him to be selected by the Minnesota Vikings at No. 8 (potentially via a trade with the Atlanta Falcons). Given McCarthy’s rising stock, it’s unlikely that he will still be available when the Broncos pick at No. 12, necessitating a potential trade-up.

However, draft predictions are often unpredictable, and highly touted quarterbacks sometimes slip in the draft. Manning referenced instances like Malik Willis in 2022 and Will Levis in 2023, who received early first-round hype but fell to later rounds.

If McCarthy does fall to the Broncos at No. 12, Manning’s remarks suggest that he would likely be their pick, given Manning’s connections within the Denver front office.

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