Broncos move to address the ugly truth about NRL star Reece Walsh’s ‘weakness’.

The attacking coach of the Brisbane Broncos has shared insights into the club’s strategy aimed at enhancing Reece Walsh’s decision-making during games by slowing down his pace. Walsh, known for his incredible speed on the field, often finds himself making errors due to the rush of adrenaline that accompanies his lightning-fast runs.

Despite being one of the NRL’s fastest players, Walsh’s tendency to commit errors has been a concern. Last season, he topped the NRL’s error chart, registering a staggering 53 errors, with the majority stemming from handling mistakes. This glaring statistic, however, often gets overshadowed by his spectacular on-field performances, showcasing his remarkable talent.

In a recent victory against the Raiders, Walsh exhibited his brilliance by scoring two tries, making three line breaks, and covering a significant distance of 199 meters. However, he also committed three errors during the match, highlighting the need for improvement in this aspect of his game.

Speaking on the BBC League podcast, Broncos’ attacking coach Lee Briers disclosed their approach to address Walsh’s error-prone tendencies. Briers explained that they are working on modulating Walsh’s running speed to afford him more time for decision-making.

While acknowledging Walsh’s strength lies in his quick execution, Briers emphasized the importance of tempering his pace to allow for better decision-making on the field. By slowing down his physical tempo, Walsh can have a clearer mental space to assess situations and make calculated choices.

Briers highlighted Walsh’s exceptional football intelligence, noting that while he operates at full throttle, there’s a need to find a balance that allows him to optimize his decision-making process. Ultimately, the goal is to harness Walsh’s superstar potential by refining his approach and empowering him to perform at his best on game day.

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