Patrick Mahomes humorously remarks about Taylor Swift’s inclination towards becoming a football coach.

Patrick Mahomes has been discussing his interactions with Taylor Swift. In a profile published by Time on Tuesday, April 16, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback shared insights into what it was like interacting with the girlfriend of his teammate, Travis Kelce.

Mahomes mentioned that he has encountered numerous famous individuals but described the Grammy winner as “probably the most down-to-earth” among them. He noted her continual dedication to work, even during her downtime, whether it be shooting music videos, singing, or writing songs. Mahomes observed Swift’s business-minded approach not only to her music but also to understanding football, demonstrating support for Kelce.

He remarked that Swift’s involvement helped elevate the Chiefs’ popularity from a nationwide to a global scale, attributing this expansion to her fanbase. Despite the additional attention brought by Swift and Kelce’s relationship, Mahomes believed it didn’t distract the team, stating, “We just embraced it.”

With the NFL offseason in full swing and Swift taking a break from her Eras Tour, the couple recently attended Coachella, where they were seen enjoying Bleachers’ performance alongside other festival-goers. This marked Swift’s return to the festival since 2016, while Kelce had attended in previous years.

At Coachella, Swift sported a dark green baseball cap featuring branding from Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast, paired with black jean shorts, an oversized leather jacket, and a black tank top. Kelce’s outfit included a white baseball hat with “Happy Gilmore” written on it, along with various patterns, unbuttoned flannel, vertical-striped pants, white Converse sneakers, and a tie-dyed bandana.

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