Quinn Ewers’ decision to return to the Texas Longhorns for the 2024 season has led to Arch Manning becoming QB2, delaying his starting position for another season. Despite calls for Manning to transfer to another school, Longhorns’ head coach Steve Sarkisian confirmed Ewers as the starting quarterback for the upcoming season, reigniting discussions about Manning’s potential transfer.

While Manning is undoubtedly talented, Ewers’ experience and familiarity with Sarkisian’s system played a significant role in securing the starting position. Despite this, Eli Manning, the nephew’s uncle, advises against transferring. Eli encourages Arch to stick with the Longhorns, emphasizing the importance of learning, physical and mental preparation, and gaining experience as a backup.

Eli Manning points out that Arch chose Texas because he likes the team, Coach Sarkisian, and the offensive

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system. He highlights that Arch made an informed decision last year, knowing he would redshirt and get playing time. Eli sees the extra year as an opportunity for Arch to mature, learn the offense, enhance physical strength, and always be prepared to play.

Quinn Ewers’ impressive development and experience contribute to his starting role, but Eli Manning believes Arch should stay with the Longhorns, focusing on his growth and preparation for future opportunities. As of now, Arch Manning remains committed to the Longhorns, with uncertainties about his future actions in light of Ewers’ return.

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