Breaking News: Kirk Cousins Set to Leave Vikings for AFC Team

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is less than a month away from entering free agency, and there’s growing interest in his potential landing spots.

According to a report by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio on February 14, Cousins’ camp is intrigued by the possibility of joining the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers, known for their inclination to invest in veteran quarterbacks, are reportedly considering making a move for Cousins rather than relying on a lower-ranked draft pick for their quarterback needs.

Florio mentioned on Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan that there is speculation within Cousins’ camp about the Steelers making an offer to him. He also highlighted that the legal free agency tampering window, two days before free agency officially opens, could see offers coming Cousins’ way, with the Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons being the two teams under scrutiny.

As free agency approaches, Cousins appears to be distancing himself from the idea of remaining with the Vikings, especially evident during his numerous media appearances at Super Bowl week. Florio’s report adds momentum to the likelihood of Cousins parting ways with the Vikings.

The upcoming NFL Scouting Combine, just 12 days away, will serve as a crucial platform for agents to gauge the market interest in their clients. Cousins’ representation aims to establish his value during the combine before engaging in final negotiations with the Vikings.

Florio’s insights into Cousins’ representation suggest a desire for competitive offers from teams like the Steelers and Falcons before any final decisions are made. He advised the Vikings to act promptly if they intend to retain Cousins, as delaying negotiations could prompt Cousins to explore offers from other teams without waiting for the Vikings to match them.

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