Despite the increasing likelihood of the New England Patriots trading him, quarterback Mac Jones appears to be dropping hints that he wants to remain in Foxboro.

Mac Jones reportedly'likely' to be moved by Patriots this offseason

According to the latest report from’s Ian Rapoport, the Patriots are still “likely” to trade the former first-round pick following the departure of Bill Belichick this offseason. Despite facing a challenging three seasons with the Patriots, Jones seems to be holding onto the hope of making amends in New England.

Notably, NFL insider Dov Kleiman pointed out that Jones recently liked a Twitter post featuring a picture of him and Roger Goodell from his draft day, with the caption “run it back.” While social media likes don’t necessarily translate to firm endorsements, it does suggest Jones’s desire to reclaim his position under new coach Jerod Mayo in New England.

Jones was photographed in workout gear at Mayo’s introductory press conference, a move that reportedly drew criticism from teammates who believed he had cleared out his locker at the end of the season. Despite Mayo hinting at the possibility of drafting a quarterback with the No. 3 overall pick, he hasn’t definitively indicated that the team is set on parting ways with Jones.

Even if the Patriots decide to give Jones another chance, it’s speculated that he would likely serve as a backup to a new quarterback. If New England doesn’t choose a quarterback at No. 3 and instead trades down, they are reportedly eyeing a veteran in free agency, with Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield among the potential options.

Jones’s future with the Patriots remains uncertain, with the possibility of signing a veteran quarterback to mentor him until retirement or potentially opting to draft a rookie and trade Jones away. The evolving quarterback situation for the Patriots adds an element of suspense as the offseason progresses.

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