Jaylen Brown emphasized the necessity of asserting himself after receiving a technical foul for his response to the altercation with Duncan Robinson during the Celtics’ triumph over the Heat.

The Boston Celtics secured a 110-106 victory in a highly anticipated matchup at the Kaseya Center on Super Bowl Sunday. The intensity escalated in the Eastern Conference Finals rematch, particularly in the final eight minutes when the Celtics were leading 96-87.

Duncan Robinson, attempting to impede Jaylen Brown from gaining possession of the ball, clung onto the three-time All-Star’s arm, resulting in a foul. In the ensuing entanglement, Brown decisively addressed the situation, earning himself a technical foul. This incident energized the crowd and added an extra layer of excitement to the concluding moments of the game.

Despite facing intense moments, such experiences are valuable for the Celtics as they strive for their 18th championship banner. Key plays, such as Al Horford’s crucial block on Bam Adebayo and Kristaps Porzingis’ offensive rebound after Brown’s missed three-pointer, which led to critical free throws for Jayson Tatum, contributed to the Celtics’ success. The victory improved their league-leading record to 41-12, maintaining an undefeated record against the Heat this season.

Following the game, Brown shared his perspective on the fourth-quarter altercation with Robinson, highlighting the opponent’s strategic approach and emphasizing the need to stand up to the physical style of play employed by the Heat.

“I think he knew exactly what he was trying to do—trying to get tangled up because he didn’t want to play defense. They called the foul, but he was still trying to hang on, so I was trying to get my arm free,” explained the 2023 All-NBA Second Team selection.

Brown also commented on the Heat’s reputation for physical play, stressing the importance of asserting oneself against a team known for its aggressive tactics. “Miami’s known for being physical, known for getting away with a lot of that stuff, kind of mucking up the game. At the end of the day, you’ve got to protect and own your space,” he asserted confidently, concluding with the prediction, “I bet you he won’t do it again.”

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