BREAKING NEWS: Tension in Charlton Athletic as their key star player was dismiss in..

The League One encounter between Charlton Athletic and Reading today is anticipated to feature a unique spectacle, as thousands of individuals dressed as clowns gather at the Select Car Leasing Stadium. This peculiar display is part of a significant match where both teams are engaged in a crucial relegation battle.

The stunt, sure to capture national attention, is not merely an amusing event but carries a serious purpose. Reading supporters are using this unconventional form of protest to express their discontent with club owner Dai Yongge, especially in light of the financial challenges faced by the Royals.

Coordinated by the Sell Before We Dai group, this protest involves billboards in the city center demanding to ‘Get That Clown Out of Our Town,’ directed at Yongge and his management of the club. During Saturday’s match at the Select Car Leasing Stadium, Reading supporters plan to wear Dai Yongge masks and clown outfits as part of their ongoing efforts to compel the owner to step down.

A statement from the group emphasized the intention for these protests to be effective, embarrassing, and inclusive, solely targeting the ownership regime and not the team. The group expressed support for Rubén, the players, and the staff, emphasizing their desire to rally behind the team in their fight to remain in League One.

The statement further conveyed the group’s commitment to maintaining pressure on Dai at the Select Car Leasing Stadium while continuing broader activities, including political engagement and dialogue with the English Football League (EFL).

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