Tension in Cleveland Browns as the missis a high talented key star player in..

Over the last two seasons, the Cleveland Browns have engaged in trades to acquire seasoned players and enhance their roster. In 2022, they secured Deshaun Watson and Amari Cooper, followed by the additions of Elijah Moore and Za’Darius Smith in 2023. General manager Andrew Berry exhibited a decisive approach in these transactions, resulting in the absence of a first-round or second-round pick for the past two years.

Approaching the 2024 NFL Draft, the Browns find themselves without a first-round selection due to the Watson trade but still possess their initial pick in the second round, positioned at No. 55 overall. In this simulation, however, they take an assertive stance, opting to trade that pick along with their third-round selection to the New England Patriots in exchange for the 34th overall selection. This strategic move allows the rebuilding Patriots to accumulate extra picks, while the Browns aim to secure a potential game-changing offensive asset.

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