A critical Analysis of  the wide receiver unit at Ohio State.

We now have clarity on the Ohio State players who opted to return instead of entering the NFL draft. While there was little uncertainty about wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.’s NFL aspirations, it’s confirmed that he will be making the move, alongside defensive tackle Michael Hall.

The collective decision of several players to come back for another season is a significant boost for Ohio State, positioning them as strong contenders for the national championship. In addition to the returning players, Ohio State has made noteworthy additions through the transfer portal, currently counting six new members, and they’ve also bolstered their roster with 21 recruits from the 2024 recruiting class.

Bucknuts has been providing a comprehensive series, examining the current status of each position. Coverage has extended to safety, cornerback, linebacker, defensive end, and defensive tackle, completing the defensive side analysis. The exploration of the offensive side began with the quarterback room, moved on to the running back room, and today’s focus is on the wide receiver unit.

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