Former steelers star player depart from the team to join..

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Dan Chisena is set to join the Arizona Cardinals, having signed a future/reserve contract ahead of the free agency period, as officially announced by the team.

Chisena previously spent the last summer with the Steelers, vying for a roster spot during training camp. After being released during roster cuts, he had stints with the practice squads of the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals.

While in Arizona, he participated in six games, including two after being elevated from the practice squad. Subsequently, he left Arizona to join the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad. As the postseason unfolded, Chisena became part of the Ravens’ special teams unit, earning elevation for both of their playoff matchups.

Known for his contributions as a special teams player, Chisena, a former Penn State wide receiver, brings coverage skills and experience as a punt and kick returner. His return to Arizona aligns with the team’s plans to add depth at the wide receiver position in the upcoming 2024 season.

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