Which coordinator hire was the New England Patriots’ preferred choice?

The New England Patriots are undergoing a significant overhaul of their coaching staff this offseason following the departure of Bill Belichick. Changes have already been made to the offensive, defensive, and special teams coordinator positions, and further adjustments may occur in the position coach roles following the exits of Steve Belichick and Vinnie Sunseri.

First-year head coach Jerod Mayo aimed to assemble his preferred coaching setup at the three coordinator positions. According to insights from Patriots Insider Phil Perry, shared from Super Bowl Radio Row in Las Vegas, it appears that the team secured their top choice for one out of the three coordinator spots. Perry indicated that Marquice Williams, initially targeted for the special teams coordinator role, declined the offer, leading to the selection of Jeremy Springer.

In the case of the defensive coordinator, DeMarcus Covington, who was already with the Patriots as the defensive line coach, was the chosen candidate. On the offensive side, Nick Caley was identified as the initial preference for the role of offensive coordinator. However, due to concerns about his relative lack of experience, the team opted for a dual approach with Alex Van Pelt and Ben McAdoo, providing a blend of experience and a young, energetic coach with strong player relations and intelligence.

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