As the Pittsburgh Steelers closely observed standout prospects from the 2024 draft class at the Senior Bowl, their keen interest in offensive linemen, particularly centers, became evident. Allegedly, the team is particularly enamored with a center prospect in the upcoming draft. Despite this focus, a recent mock draft by CBS Sports’ Josh Edwards suggests a different direction for their first-round pick.

In his February 4 mock draft, Edwards predicts the Steelers will opt for Tyler Guyton from Oklahoma with the 20th pick. Guyton, a formidable right tackle standing at 6’7” and weighing 328 pounds, started for the Sooners for two seasons and would be the largest player on the Steelers’ offensive line if chosen.

Guyton’s journey to success includes initially struggling to secure a spot in TCU’s lineup, but a transfer to Oklahoma opened doors for him. Over the past two seasons, he played a crucial role in an offensive line that contributed to Oklahoma’s strong rushing attack, averaging 219.4 rushing yards per game in 2022 and 182.2 rushing yards per game in the following season.

Given the Steelers’ offensive line challenges in the 2023 season, especially at left tackle and center, the potential addition of Guyton could address two positions simultaneously. With Arthur Smith as the new offensive coordinator and an anticipated shift towards a more run-focused strategy, securing a strong offensive line becomes paramount. Guyton’s size could provide the necessary leverage, allowing Broderick Jones to return to his natural position at left tackle.

While selecting Guyton might not resolve all of the team’s offensive issues, it presents an opportunity to bolster two key positions, potentially enhancing their chances of success in Smith’s offensive scheme. As free agency looms and changes remain possible before the draft, the Steelers recognize the imperative need to address and enhance their offensive line.

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