Upon his return to Neyland Stadium in 2022 after transferring to Alabama, former Tennessee Vols linebacker Henry To’o To’o made a critical error by engaging in trash talk with his former teammates. In a pre-game hype video before Alabama’s match against Tennessee, To’o To’o stated, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

However, the following day saw the Vols secure a victory over Alabama for the first time since 2006. To’o To’o’s ex-teammates didn’t let him forget his “it’s just business” comments, both during and after the game. Princeton Fant, a Tennessee tight end, confirmed that To’o To’o’s remarks served as motivation for the team.

To’o To’o had previously acknowledged that Tennessee’s players were formidable trash talkers, singling them out as the best he faced in college. Despite this insight, former Vols offensive lineman Gerald Mincey, now with Kentucky, has unabashedly engaged in trash talk against his former teammates.

Expressing his anticipation for the upcoming game at Neyland Stadium, Mincey declared, “When we go there on Nov. 2 and we bust them in the mouth, we can put the stan

dard back over here.” Shortly after, he posted a video criticizing current Vols offensive tackle John Campbell for a play against Alabama, adding the comment “you suck.”

Mincey’s actions suggest a failure to learn from To’o To’o’s mistake in 2022. Instead of avoiding personal animosity, he is inadvertently providing Tennessee with motivation to make the game against Kentucky personal. This approach may not bode well for Mincey, considering the potential consequences when the game unfolds on November 2 next season.

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