Browns Fired OC Alex Van Pelt Because of QB Deshaun Watson due to the Following Reasons.

The Cleveland Browns made a sudden and significant decision in January when they dismissed offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. Weeks later, the rationale behind this move has come to light.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated shared insights on the “Zolak and Bertrand Show” on February 2, hosted in Boston, where Van Pelt is set to become the next offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots.

During the interview, Breer revealed two pieces of information of considerable importance to Cleveland. Firstly, the front office attributed Van Pelt’s dismissal to Deshaun Watson’s lack of development over the past two years, which became a contentious issue. Secondly, members of the coaching staff were taken aback by the decision, considering Van Pelt’s integral role within the organization.

Breer emphasized that Van Pelt served as the linchpin of the Cleveland staff, holding the team together amidst changes and transitions. Despite head coach Kevin Stefanski’s strengths, Van Pelt’s outgoing and unifying personality was invaluable to the team dynamics.

In fairness to both parties, Deshaun Watson’s performance has been underwhelming during his tenure with the Browns. Despite the team’s significant investment in him, including trading three first-round picks and a substantial contract, Watson’s on-field performance and off-field issues have been problematic.

The Browns are now turning to Ken Dorsey, formerly with the Buffalo Bills, to salvage Watson’s career and their investment. Dorsey’s expertise, particularly in working with quarterbacks like Josh Allen, is seen as the last hope to revitalize Watson’s performance and justify the Browns’ faith in him.

With the stakes high, the Browns are banking on Dorsey’s experience and skill set to turn around Watson’s trajectory. Failure to do so could result in significant organizational changes for the Browns moving forward.

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