Major Setback for Vols as Offensive Tackle from Tennessee Announces Entry into NFL Draft.

On Sunday afternoon, Tennessee’s offensive tackle, Jeremiah Crawford, officially declared for the NFL Draft. This announcement did not come as a surprise, considering Crawford had exhausted his eligibility after the 2023 season.

Jeremiah Crawford, Tennessee, Offensive Tackle

Expressing gratitude in a statement, Crawford acknowledged the profound impact of college football on his life. He emphasized the bonds formed with teammates, transforming them into lifelong brothers, and conveyed his appreciation for the unforgettable memories created.

In particular, Crawford commended the exceptional passion and support demonstrated by Vol fans, describing them as the most amazing. He expressed awe at the continuous love he received since his arrival on campus, acknowledging and valuing their unwavering support.

Crawford, who transferred to Tennessee from junior college before the 2021 season, played a pivotal role as a rotational offensive tackle. His versatility was evident as he shared duties at left tackle with Gerald Mincey in 2022, transitioning to right tackle alongside Mincey in the 2023 season. Notably, Crawford started six games in 2022 and seven games in 2023, showcasing his on-field contributions.

Throughout the 2023 season, the Goddard, Kansas native earned a 48.6 PFF grade in 393 snaps, reflecting his performance on the field.

Tennessee faced the departure of both members of the Mincey-Crawford offensive tackle tandem during this offseason, with Mincey transferring to Kentucky and making outspoken comments about the Vols.

Left tackle John Campbell Jr. is set to return to Tennessee for his final season of eligibility. He plans to shift to right tackle following the acquisition of highly touted LSU offensive tackle transfer Lance Heard, who stands as the highest-ranked player in the Vols’ transfer haul.

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