New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his son, team president Jonathan Kraft, have expressed their gratitude to season-ticket holders through a written letter.

With Bill Belichick no longer at the helm, the era of the Patriots’ dynasty has come to a close, making way for a new chapter under coach Jerod Mayo.

This offseason is poised to be one of the most significant in decades for the franchise. Armed with nearly $70 million in cap space and holding the third overall pick in the highly anticipated 2023 NFL Draft, the Patriots are set for substantial changes after a challenging 4-13 season.

Facing a coaching change after almost 25 years naturally brings a sense of uncertainty, but it also brings renewed optimism for the future. In their letter, the Krafts expressed their excitement about the upcoming NFL Draft, highlighting the team’s highest draft position since selecting Drew Bledsoe 31 years ago. The primary focus for the offseason is to acquire the talent and leadership needed to rebuild a winning culture.

“As we embark on this new era, we look forward to the most anticipated NFL Draft of our tenure,” wrote the Krafts. “We share the perspective of being fans first, as many of our family’s greatest memories have been spent together at games in Foxborough, which is why we greatly appreciate the commitment and passion our Season Ticket Members have maintained over the past 30 years. We are reminded daily how lucky we are to be stewards of the New England Patriots thanks to fans like you.”

While free agency and the draft are still on the horizon, the current focus for the Patriots is on assembling the right coaching staff for Mayo and preparing for the significant events later in the offseason. The road to reclaiming the top spot in the league may take time, but the prospect of change provides fans with something to anticipate in the meantime.

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