Graham Glasgow has expressed interest in returning, and the Detroit Lions have indicated their desire to bring back the versatile offensive guard. It’s understandable given the stellar season Glasgow just completed.

However, the NFL is a business, and as Glasgow heads into an offseason filled with tough decisions, he acknowledges that the outcome is beyond his control. Despite this, Glasgow’s adaptability and potentially favorable long-term cost position him as one of the team’s top priorities.

“I’d love to be back here. It’s up to them,” Glasgow stated in the locker room earlier this week. “I have a lot of friends here. I have a lot of new friends that I’ve made even over the past year, which is how the team has been. The culture here, I feel like it’s a place I really fit. They’d like me to come back. I mean, it all just, unfortunately, this is the business part of playing professional football. So, we’ll see.”

Despite initially losing a camp battle for the starting guard role to Halapoulivaati Vaitai, Glasgow, 31, started at every interior offensive line spot after signing a one-year deal in free agency. He emerged as a crucial piece during the historic run for the franchise, playing 998 snaps at right guard, 189 at center, and an additional 75 on the left side. Pro Football Focus ranked him as the ninth-best guard in the league through the regular season and playoffs, highlighting his top-five run-blocking performance.

Reflecting on the season, Glasgow expressed, “Even with the outcome of the game yesterday (NFC title game), this season was pretty successful. Successful season, you know, we won a lot of games. It’s a shame that things ended the way that they did. But it just happens; one team is only happy at the end of the year, unfortunately.”

While Glasgow hopes for a reunion with the Lions, potential challenges could arise if an outside team presents a lucrative offer. Despite taking a discount to play with his friends last year, Glasgow’s situation has changed after a standout season. Additionally, with Jonah Jackson also needing a new deal, the Lions face decisions about their offensive line foundation.

PFF’s projections for upcoming free agents rank Glasgow 122nd, estimating a two-year deal at $6.5 million, with the first season guaranteed. On the other hand, Jackson is ranked 94th, with a projected three-year deal totaling $30.75 million, including $16.75 million guaranteed. While Glasgow’s versatility, recent performance, and cost may favor his return, Jackson’s integral role in the rebuild and the reasonable estimated price contribute to the decision-making complexity.

“I’d love to retire a Lion. I love this city,” Jackson expressed before training camp. “I have a great time here, enjoy everything about it from the sports, to the people, to the cuisine. There’s nothing like it.”

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