former Cleveland Browns highly respected figure send a message of replacement for…

The Cleveland Browns are faced with the challenge of finding a replacement for offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who has left the team. While former Browns player Joe Thomas is a highly respected figure in Cleveland and boasts an impressive record with 10 Pro Bowls and Hall of Fame status, he has clarified that he is not interested in taking on the coaching role under Kevin Stefanski.

Thomas conveyed his lack of interest in NFL or college coaching positions, citing that he won’t consider such opportunities until his children are in college, and perhaps not even then. Callahan, recognized as one of the top position coaches in the industry, left the Browns to join his son, Brian Callahan, with the Tennessee Titans. Despite having one year left on his contract with the Browns, the team allowed the move, enabling the family reunion after Brian Callahan was appointed as the head coach in Tennessee.

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