The Talented And Key Star Player Of Cleveland Browns stepped in as the starter for the…

Following Deshaun Watson’s season-ending injury, Joe Flacco stepped in as the starter for the Cleveland Browns. The team reached out to Flacco after Watson’s unfortunate injury, and he quickly assumed the starting role. Despite taking over, Flacco holds respect for Watson and believes that the key for the latter is to regain confidence upon his return.

Expressing his thoughts on the Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show on January 31, Flacco emphasized the importance for Watson to settle in and rebuild his confidence after not playing a full season for a couple of years. Flacco, while not speaking on Watson’s behalf, is confident that Watson knows how to handle the situation and will bounce back.

Watson, who didn’t overlap much with Flacco due to rehab in Los Angeles, supported the Browns from afar. Despite being injured, Watson attended a few games with Flacco as the quarterback. Their notable interaction during the Browns’ victory over the New York Jets on December 28, where Watson gave Flacco a chest bump after a highlight-reel pass, showcased their camaraderie.

Watson, addressing the situation on his podcast “QB Unplugged” in December, shrugged off the speculation and expressed that the situation was entertaining for him. He is actively working on his recovery and shared that he is ahead of schedule, aiming to start throwing in April.

As a free agent, Flacco, after playing solid football for the Browns, is open to returning, even in a backup role. The Browns, led by general manager Andrew Berry, have expressed a desire to bring back their successful players. Flacco, turning 39 in January, expressed appreciation for the organization and is open to returning to Cleveland, emphasizing that he won’t rush any decisions. Despite his age, Flacco is determined to play in the upcoming season, leaving the door open for potential opportunities and competition for a starting role.

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