So Soundlessly As The Most Talented Honble Coach Depart From The Team To Join Los Angeles And….

It might not be particularly surprising that Jay is following Jim to LA and returning to the NFL, but it marks another departure, considering Jay’s solid nine-season stint with Michigan. Throughout his time at U-M, Harbaugh took on various roles, including coaching running backs and tight ends. In his most recent tenure, he served as the safeties coach for two seasons and held the position of special teams coordinator for four seasons. Harbaugh has consistently been praised for his recruiting skills and adaptability, seamlessly filling various needs within the team.

With Jay Harbaugh’s departure, new head coach Sherrone Moore faces the challenge of addressing multiple exits, including defensive coordinator Jesse Minter, strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert, and potentially others. Moore discussed the hiring timeline during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, offering a general idea of when new hires might be made.

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