Ex-Tennessee OT continues to haul trash after transfer to Kentucky.

There seems to be some real bad blood here.

Recently, the transfer portal has led to some uncomfortable situations, and one such scenario is unfolding between Tennessee and former offensive tackle Gerald Mincey. This seasoned lineman, now with his third SEC East team, moved to Kentucky this offseason after a late entry into the transfer portal.

Initially, the situation seemed peculiar, but it gained clarity when Tennessee acquired former five-star prospect Lance Heard from LSU through the portal. Mincey had previously explained his departure from Tennessee, citing playing through injuries during the season while still contributing to the Volunteers’ bowl victory.

Expressing his feelings a couple of weeks ago, Mincey admitted to the impact of negative comments, stating, “These negative comments hurt, man, not gonna lie. I did love being a volunteer, but business is business.”

In a recent interview with Lexington media, Mincey elaborated on his plans, emphasizing his determination to face Tennessee and help restore Kentucky’s standard. He expressed eagerness for the November 2nd matchup, pledging to “bust them in the mouth” and bring back the standard to Kentucky.

Despite Mincey’s bold statements, the historical standard in this series is Tennessee’s dominance over Kentucky, leading the all-time series 83-26-9. Kentucky has only won three times in the last 39 attempts, dating back to 1985.

Mincey, acknowledging his provocative nature, admitted to being a troll. While Tennessee may not have needed any additional motivation, Mincey’s comments provide them with bulletin board material as they prepare for the upcoming game against Kentucky at Neyland Stadium on November 2nd.

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