Wide receiver Ladd McConkey is a name that Cleveland Browns enthusiasts should familiarize themselves with..

The journey to the NFL draft is an extensive one, filled with various events occurring between the conclusion of the NFL season and the April draft. Making predictions about the Cleveland Browns’ actions with their initial selection in the second round at this early stage is nearly impossible, but we attempt to do so with our mock drafts.

While the Senior Bowl marks the initiation of the draft process, factors such as NFL free agency, the NFL combine, interviews, medical evaluations, and trades will significantly impact NFL teams before the draft in April.

Our reporter, Barry Shuck, is on-site at the Senior Bowl, providing extensive coverage of the event, where two different teams practice simultaneously. Shuck has offered valuable insights into the impressive performances of wide receivers Brenden Rice and Roman Wilson, as well as Toledo’s cornerback Quinyon Mitchell showcasing his skills.

Another noteworthy name for Browns fans to keep in mind is wide receiver Ladd McConkey. Like Rice and Wilson, McConkey has garnered attention with his standout performance. His quick feet, adept change of direction, and reliable hands make him a nuanced route runner who could swiftly climb draft boards.

Heading into today, McConkey was the 50th-ranked player and the 10th-ranked wide receiver on the consensus big board. In NFL Mock Drafts, he is commonly projected to be selected late in the first round or sometime in the second.

For Cleveland, such an early selection would be premature unless they opt to trade up. McConkey’s draft stock hinges on his measurable attributes at the combine. A slower-than-expected 40-yard dash time, coupled with his height of around six feet, weight of less than 200 pounds, and being 22 years old, could potentially lower the Georgia Bulldogs receiver’s draft position to the late second or third round.

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