The Pittsburgh Steelers have communicated their intention to retain Mason Rudolph by expressing their interest in re-signing him.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently in the process of determining their quarterback strategy for the 2024 season. While Kenny Pickett’s name has surfaced as a potential option, the status of Mason Rudolph, who is a free agent, adds a layer of uncertainty. With Mitch Trubisky also appearing to be on his way out, the focus seems to be on options other than Pickett.

Despite the uncertainties, the Steelers have expressed their desire to bring back Mason Rudolph. Coach Tomlin acknowledged this, stating, “It is [our intention to re-sign Rudolph]. But he is a free agent, and it is free agency, so we’ll see where that leads us.”

Following their defeat to the Buffalo Bills, Mason Rudolph expressed uncertainty about his future with the team. While Rudolph has experienced free agency before, this time around, the circumstances are expected to be notably different.

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