According to ESPN’s Ryan, Joe Burrow is the sole AFC quarterback capable of rivaling Patrick Mahomes.

Following another underwhelming playoff performance by Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, ESPN’s Ryan Clark aimed to clarify his perspective. According to Clark, both Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills and Jackson lack the fortitude required to succeed deep into the postseason against the Kansas City Chiefs, unlike Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals.

In essence, to overcome Patrick Mahomes, one needs the boldness and confidence demonstrated by Burrow to get the job done. Clark emphasized this point, stating, “Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have a rival. He doesn’t. It’s Patrick Mahomes and everyone else. And if you’re introducing anyone into the conversation, it’s only Joe Burrow, because currently, he’s the only individual in the AFC who has demonstrated the ability to remain composed and compete against the elite.”

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