West Brom manager Carlos Corberan acknowledges the possibility of his absence from the Black Country Derby against Wolves.

West Brom fans can take comfort in the fact that Carlos Corberan is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his second child. However, the impending birth presents a challenge as his second son is expected any day now. Despite this, supporters need not fret even if Corberan is called to the hospital before the Black Country derby tomorrow morning, as he has previously managed a game from his wife’s bedside.

Almost two years ago, Corberan’s first child, Marcos, was born while his team, Huddersfield Town, played Barnsley in an FA Cup Fourth Round tie. Undeterred, Corberan orchestrated a 1-0 victory by firing up his laptop and guiding his team remotely. Corberan’s due date for his second child is February 1st, and while his wife hasn’t experienced any signs of labor yet, he remains prepared.

Corberan has enlisted the help of his mother, Amparo, in case the situation escalates tomorrow morning. Despite the uncertainty, Corberan remains optimistic that the birth won’t coincide with the game, expressing confidence in his intuition and hoping for a smooth delivery before Sunday evening.

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