Three Cleveland Browns players are at risk of being cut from the team in the wake of offensive adjustments.

As a new offensive coordinator is set to join the Cleveland Browns, anticipate changes in the offensive strategy. Wyatt Teller, despite being a fan favorite for his blocking, is under scrutiny due to struggles against average defensive tackles. The expected shift towards a slower zone running scheme, which demands less athleticism from guards, coupled with the need for extended pocket time in the new offense, may impact Teller’s role.

While Teller has a significant cap hit in 2024 and an extension from Berry, his trade value remains, and he could be considered as a post-June 1 cut candidate. The Browns’ offensive line, heavily invested in financially, faced pass protection issues highlighted in the playoffs against the Texans. Addressing Teller’s pass protection weaknesses and ensuring the health of all three tackles could be a pivotal upgrade for the team in 2024.

Despite Teller’s contributions to opening holes for Nick Chubb, the transition to a new offensive style, emphasizing Watson’s passing threat, might necessitate exploring alternatives for enhanced performance.

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