Forecasting the 2024 depth chart for the Ohio State offense: Buckeyes initiate a transformation in response to disappointment.

Forced to rely on a third-string quarterback lacking substantial game experience and grappling with an offensive line struggling to maintain stability, the Buckeyes concluded the 2023 season with a meager 3 points. The advancements achieved at crucial positions throughout the season disappeared on the program’s most exasperating offensive night during the Ryan Day era.

The solution? Utilize the transfer portal to acquire a seasoned quarterback with a championship pedigree, a two-time 1,000-yard rusher, a versatile tight end, and a potential starting center. While Ohio State maintained cohesion on the defensive side, a significant overhaul was implemented for the offense.

The inaugural spring practice may provide substantial insights into the team’s composition for the opening day. While the defense remains largely settled, a process is set to commence, shaping the identity of this revamped offense.

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