What will be Ohio State football’s ranking at the beginning of the 2024 season?

Despite the setbacks of losing the final two games in 2023, the Ohio State football program is currently riding a wave of significant momentum. The Buckeyes are set to retain nearly their entire defense for the upcoming season, and with the addition of a standout player in the secondary, the team is also strengthening its offensive capabilities.

With all the notable activity in the transfer portal and successful recruiting efforts, this team appears exceptionally strong on paper. However, the question remains about how the polls will assess their potential. Looking forward to 2024, Ohio State faces new conference opponents, including one of the top teams in the nation.

Considering these factors, I predict that Ohio State will likely start the season ranked either second or third in the country. The only serious contenders for a higher ranking are Oregon and Georgia. While Oregon has a talented roster, the change at quarterback might affect their standing. On the other hand, Georgia retains Carson Beck but faces the challenge of losing their top offensive player, Brock Bowers.

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