Ohio State’s Offensive Lineman Changes Career Path, Assumes a Position at JPMorgan Chase.

Trey Leroux took part in the Senior Day festivities at Ohio State, concluding the 2023 home schedule alongside 20 other football players. Despite having the chance to extend his college football career with one year of eligibility left, Leroux, an offensive lineman and finance major, has chosen to forgo that opportunity. Instead, he will kick off his professional journey with a position at JPMorgan Chase starting this week, according to a report by Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors.


Ohio State Offensive Lineman Trey Leroux Moving On From Football After Four Years with Buckeyes | Eleven WarriorsAlthough Leroux, part of Ryan Day’s 2020 recruiting class, graduated and had the option to play for two more years due to redshirting as a freshman and benefiting from the COVID-19 eligibility extension in 2020, he decided against it. Recognized as a developmental player, he enrolled early in 2020 but faced challenges in securing a significant role during his four years with the team. His limited playing time occurred in a 2021 game against Indiana, where he played eight snaps towards the end of a 54-7 victory.

Leroux’s departure is noteworthy, considering the flexibility he had to play for up to two more years. With his exit, Ohio State enters spring practice with 85 scholarship players.

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