Why Browns Fans Should Find Joy in Joe Flacco’s Departure

As the Cleveland Browns headed into the AFC Wild Card game against the Houston Texans, fans were swept up in Joe Flacco mania, envisioning a deep playoff run reminiscent of his Super Bowl journey with the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. Despite Flacco gaining popularity as Cleveland’s starting quarterback, the author remained skeptical, unable to rally behind him due to the longstanding rivalry with the Ravens.

The bitter history between the Browns and the Ravens stems from the Ravens’ establishment in Baltimore after Art Modell’s announcement in 1995 that the Browns would relocate. Since then, the Ravens have achieved significant success, winning division titles and two Super Bowls, while the Browns have struggled and never reached a Super Bowl since 2002.

Key games between the Ravens and the Browns in recent seasons, including a pivotal Week 17 matchup in 2018 and a fierce battle in Week 14 of the 2020 season, intensified the rivalry. Despite Flacco’s absence in these games, the quarterback drama continued when he led the New York Jets to a stunning comeback against the Browns in the 2022 season opener.

The article highlights Flacco’s remarkable success against the Browns during his tenure with the Ravens, with an 18-3 record. Despite this history, the Browns sought stability at the quarterback position after a season of uncertainty with various players. Flacco’s four impressive games prompted the Browns to sign him as an insurance policy behind Deshaun Watson.

Now, as the Browns and Flacco contemplate another year together, the author notes that the team’s general manager, Andrew Berry, doesn’t seem confident in a reunion. The sentiment suggests that Flacco’s time with the Browns may be coming to an end, with the acknowledgment that he was never truly considered a Brown from the start.

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